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Your Sacramento King

I'm Sacramento proud! City of trees. The state capital. Trains. Rivers. Agriculture. And the Sacramento Kings. We've waited a long time to see our basketball team bucket more wins than losses. We know heartache. We know perseverance.

In 2023, we reached the playoffs. I was fortunate and privileged enough to attend two games, one of which was a playoff game against the Golden State Warriors — seeing a community come together and celebrate our little team that could was thrilling. It was a season of would instead of couldn't. A season of cheer, pride, and community.

My painting is inspired by the roar of the world's loudest and best NBA fans. It is inspired by the Leos in my life — their fire a beacon for creativity, bravery, and fortitude — much like the Sacramento Kings. My painting is part of the PBS KVIE Art Auction and is up for bid. All proceeds support the station and the compelling programs available to everyone. My painting is item 18F and will be featured on the live broadcast of the art auction on Saturday, September 30, 2023, in the 5:30PM half hour.

Your Sacramento King, Kellie Raines


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